Spectra® Fiber Fabrics: All Performance, No Compromise

Spectra® fiber represents many things to many people: it protect soldiers and protects workers. It’s a strand of scientifically engineered fiber that allows you to go further and reach higher. It’s one of the strongest manmade fibers, but still light enough to float on water.

Simply put, Spectra fiber is performance without compromise.

We believe outdoor enthusiasts and athletes deserve the best apparel and equipment, and the best require high-performance materials.

Spectra fiber allows fabrics to be more tear and abrasion-resistant, while remaining cool to the touch. Spectra fiber does not absorb moisture that might weigh down the fabric.

With our technical partnership, Spectra fiber can be used in a variety of applications from footwear to shirts and denim, to hiking packs to jackets and tents.

In raw form, Spectra fiber is offered in white and black, but with strategic knits or covers, any color requirement can be achieved.


Pound-for-pound, Spectra fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, allowing for top performance and fabric resilience without weighing down its wearer. Its lightweight strength is recognized globally and used by top military and law enforcement for bullet-resistant armor.

Its inherent strength delivers tear and abrasion resistance, allowing Spectra-made gear to last longer and work harder.


Using a better, stronger fiber doesn’t mean your fabric needs to be less comfortable. Spectra fiber is naturally cool to the touch, allowing for a more comfortable wear as it pulls heat away from the body.

Fabrics made with Spectra can be as soft and stretchy or stiff as you need. No matter the feel, Spectra fiber remains moisture-resistant.


Spectra fiber delivers on its promise of no compromise. It stays light, despite the strength and the compromise it delivers.

Spectra is even light enough to float on water. It is the go-to fiber when both strength and weight are important.


Spectra fiber is easy to incorporate with natural and man-made fibers for whatever colors or durability properties you need.

More than that, we are adaptable partners who will work with you to develop solutions that meet your challenges.