Composite Fabrics

Honeywell’s next generation Centurion™ composite fabric allows for products that are more comfortable and stronger than existing alternatives. Centurion is made from Spectra® fiber, one of the world’s strongest manmade fibers, which is commonly used to produce bullet-resistant Spectra Shield® body and vehicle armor, and helmets. Centurion delivers on strength, durability and comfort at a lighter weight where it counts. The ability to laser cut directly into the fabric lessens stitching and sewing, reducing operational costs. Centurion fabric is available in a variety of colors to match uniform aesthetics or provide stealth.
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* While some of Honeywell's ballistic composite materials were designed with specific applications in mind, each end-use article has its unique specifications and design needs. These categories are for general reference. The manufacturers of end-articles should choose from Honeywell's broad product portfolio for the product that would best meet the needs of each article design.